This is an Overview about annular BOP (Hydrill).

Here, I am showing the description of hydrill and its parts by images.

this is the image that shows the internal building of hydrill,

and this is another model for annular

· Using a spherical rubber sealing element.
· Low one-piece height to save installation space.
· Large volume of spherical rubber sealing element, long service life.
· Wide sealing range, BOP can seal different sizes and shapes of pipe string, drill tools and wireline/cable not more than BOP bore size in diameter.
· Quick and reliable hydraulic drive.

another type of BOP

Rotary BOP
The rotary blowout preventer (BOP) is used in balanced drilling, negative pressure (underbalance) drilling, counter circulation drilling and well drilling operation by using air, natural gas or foam as circulating medium as well as well servicing operation.
The self-sealing rubber sealing element can ensure that the rotary workover operation or the tripping in/out the pipe string operation with pressure borne is made under maximum kinetic pressure conditions.


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